Explore Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Stunning natural attractions, the spontaneity and hospitality of the local people, who turn everything into a celebration, and world-famous iconic monuments. This is what makes Rio de Janeiro an incomparable and unforgettable destination.

With over 450 years of history, it is the combination of its geographic characteristics (the sea, the mountain, the forests) with human presence that makes Rio de Janeiro a unique city. Several parts of the city are surrounded by extraordinary landscapes. It was the first city in the world to be added to UNESCO‚Äôs World Heritage List under the Cultural Landscape category. 

If you want to really feel the energy of Brazilian people, there is nothing better and more traditional than to enjoy Carnival in Rio. There are several ways to enjoy one of the most famous celebrations in the world, one of which is to watch the samba schools parading at the sambadrome. Another popular option is to take part in street celebrations, since each neighborhood in the city has its own favorite carnival group.